Halide Perovskites



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IMRC, Cancun 2019

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Un symposium intitulé "STRUCTURE-PROPERTY RELATIONSHIPS IN ORGANIC, HYBRID AND PEROVSKITE SOLAR CELL MATERIALS" est organisé à l’occasion de l’IMRC qui se déroulera au Mexique à Cancun en Aout 2019.

This symposium seeks to highlight the recent progress made in addressing the current challenges of organic and hybrid PVs, such as :

  • Advances in materials design, emphasizing the importance of synthetic chemistry in tuning the material properties to obtain the desired functionality ;
  • Developments in materials processing and the relation between processing parameters, film morphology, structure and properties ;
  • Understanding of photophysical processes in the active layer (exciton/charge dynamics) at various length and time scales and at the device interfaces, accompanied by an in-depth computational analysis ;
  • Studies on device engineering, physics, and stability, crucial for large scale production.

Site web : https://www.mrs-mexico.org.mx/imrc2019/symposium-D1

Voir en ligne : https://www.mrs-mexico.org.mx/imrc2...