Halide Perovskites



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Offre de Post-Doctorat à L’Institut National pour L’Energie Solaire (INES)

par qhuy -

* 2-years contract
* PhD in material sciences required, experience in metal halide perovskite material required
* CEA/LITEN/DTS/ SCPV, Laboratory of Photovoltaic Tandems Cells
INES (National Institute of Solar Energy)
Savoie Technolac BP332
50 avenue du Lac Léman, 73377 Le Bourget du lac, France

Within CEA / LITEN, the Laboratory of Photovoltaic Tandem Cells has been working for more than 5 years on the development of PV technology based on perovskite-type materials. This sector has grown considerably on a global scale in recent years due to the rapid increase in efficiency, which today exceed 25 %. However, several challenges remain to be solved, such as the processes of elaboration on larger active area and the stability of the photovoltaic cell.

Moreover the combination of these perovskite materials in tandem architecture would allow a considerable gain in the photovoltaic performances of these devices, paving the way for a new generation of very high efficiency cells (> 30 %) either with silicium/perovskite or perovsite/perovskite combinations.

The proposed postdoctoral subject concerns different aspects in terms of material development, processes and advanced characterizations within a team composed of scientists, PhD students and technicians and in collaboration with different institutes :

  • Material developments :
    • the development of stable and processable high and low bandgap perovskite materials in tandem architecture.
    • The interfacial materials used in a photovoltaic cell for the extraction of charges
      (electrons and holes) will have an important impact on the crystallisation of the thin perovskite layer and also on the electrical performances delivered by the complete device. Developments will have to take into account these aspects.
  • Processes : different strategies for the deposition process could be envisaged (solvent or gas process). The elaboration of the tandem architecture maintaining the integrity of the underlayers will be the critical points to address.
  • At the same time, different characterization methods, available in the laboratory or on the INES characterization platforms, will be used to qualify the materials (XRD, UV visible absorption, ellipsometry, photoluminescence, SEM,…), the architectures (EQE, photoluminescence, electroluminescence, STEM/EDX) as well as the electrical performance of the final devices (I-V, EQE).

Global objective :

  • Chemical engineering and control of the crystallisation process of low and high bandgap perovskite material on large area for integration in tandem photovoltaic cell to reach 30 % power conversion efficiency.

Contact for application : CV, cover letter

  • solenn.berson cea.fr,
  • malek.benmansour cea.fr