Halide Perovskites



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Laboratory name : Institut des Sciences Chimiques de Rennes, UMR 6226

Adress : Campus Beaulieu - Bât 10B - CS 7, 263 avenue du Général Leclerc, 35042 RENNES CEDEX

Contact : Claudine KATAN, claudine.katan univ-rennes1.fr, Mikaël KEPENEKIAN, mikael.kepenekian univ-rennes1.fr

Topics :

  • Intrinsic properties of halide perovskites : electronic, optical, quantum and dielectric confinements, structural and dynamic
  • Exploration of the diversity of chemical composition whether metal, halogen or cation ; diversity of the dimensionality of the network of octahedra (3D, layered perovskites, ...) ; diversity of connectivity including lead halides in the broad sense, i.e. not pertaining to perovskites (octahedra not connected by the vertices but by the sides or the faces or a mixture)
  • Lead-free perovskites
  • Active cation in the perovskite barrier layer
  • Heterostructures for photovoltaic applications, light emitting components, photodetectors, ...

Experimental means / theoretical tools :

  • Experimental means : Synthesis of halide perovskite single crystals and powders for
    NMR and RQN experiments
  • Theoretical tools : Density functional theory, semi-empirical and empirical models

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