Halide Perovskites



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par abergonzoni -

Laboratory name : Laboratoire de Physique des solides, UMR 8502

Adress : Bat. 510, Campus d’Orsay, 91405 Orsay

Contact : Olivier PLANTEVIN, olivier.plantevin universite-paris-saclay.fr

Team : Lumière ultra brève, spectroscopie d’électrons et cohérence des cristaux électroniques - LUTECE

Topics :

  • Photo-induced effects in hybrid mixed halide perovskites in the framework of photovoltaic applications.
  • Phase segregation and ionic migration.
  • Role of point defects on properties : use of ion irradiation for controlled introduction of defects.
  • Surface structural studies in single crystals of MAPI using X-ray diffraction.
  • Exciton properties, recombination dynamics, exciton-phonon interaction

Experimental means / theoretical tools :

  • Photo-induced structural effects studied by nanobeam experiments on synchrotron radiation
  • Continuous and time-resolved photoluminescence spectroscopy, as a function of temperature (10K - 300K), and excitation power
  • Lab and synchrotron X-ray diffraction measurements

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