Halide Perovskites



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par abergonzoni -

Laboratory name : Laboratoire National des Champs Magnétiques Intenses, UPR 3228
Adress : 143, avenue de Rangueil, 31400 Toulouse, FRANCE

Contact : Paulina PLOCHOCKA, paulina.plochocka lncmi.cnrs.fr

Topics :

  • Electronic properties of 2D and 3D organic inorganic perovskites using a high magnetic field spectroscopy
  • Understanding the exciton phonon coupling in 2D perovskites for different organic and inorganic chemical composition
  • Effective mass renormalization due to polaron formation in 3D crystals
  • Electronic properties of colloidal nano platelets

Experimental means / theoretical tools :

  • Micro and macro photoluminescence, absorption and Raman in temperature range 4-300K.
  • Macro photoluminescence and absorption at low temperature and magnetic field up to 70T.
  • PL life time measurements with time resolution 4 ps. Spectral range : visible up to 1.6 micrometer.