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Webinar "Challenges and advances in scaling-up perovskite solar cells using industrially compatible wet deposition techniques" on June 13

par qhuy -

Impressive results have been obtained in the field of perovskite solar cells (PSCs) in over a decade of intense research with power conversion efficiencies exceeding 25%. However, poor long-term stability, and obstacles in scale-up currently hold back PSCs from entering the photovoltaic market.

This webinar discusses challenges encountered in up-scaling the perovskite technology to the module level and highlights recent progress achieved at IPVF. In a first part, the deposition of tin oxide used as an electron extraction layer is established using chemical bath deposition. Applying this simple low-temperature deposition method, highly homogeneous SnO2 films are obtained in a reproducible manner on large surfaces. In a second part, the deposition of the photoactive perovskite layer is developed using sequential slot-die coating on up to 10 x 10 cm2 substrates. This industrially relevant 2-step deposition technique allows for the growth of high-quality dense perovskite thin films with large grains. Integration of the SnO2 and perovskite layers into mini-modules with aperture areas of up to 40 cm2 is discussed.

The presentations of 30 minutes will be in English, followed by 15 minutes of discussions. We will try to cover a wide range of topics. A zoom link will be sent the Friday before the webinar